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Pex repiping

Whole House PEX Repiping

If you are experiencing frequent water leaks and looking for a whole home repipe, CJ Plumbing & Hydro Jetting can help. We are PEX Certified. Whole house PEX repiping in Hacienda Heights can upgrade your home’s water supply with a cost effective and long lasting solution.

The first step in determining if you need a whole house PEX repiping is determining the cause of your water leak. Our leak detection specialists can assess your water leaks to design the perfect repiping options. We offer comprehensive estimates based on your home and family’s unique needs.

We can identify if larger problems are contributing to the water leaks and address them to help save you from future leaks and major water damage. We have more than 20 years of experience in water pipe replacement and deliver the best quality and customer service.

What is Whole House PEX Repiping?

PEX is short for Polyethylene. PEX is a high density, flexible and durable plastic ideal for home water supply. PEX repiping is usually much more cost effective than copper pipes, as they are not as labor intensive and the material is less expensive than copper.

Additionally, PEX is resistant to corrosion, is not harmed by hard water, and whisper-quiet, so no water hammer.

CJ Plumbing & Hydro Jetting Whole House PEX Repiping – Hacienda Heights, CA

When evaluating your home’s water pipe system, it is important to choose licensed and certified specialists. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable in all pipe materials, PEX certified, and we use the highest quality pipe.

Just like any building materials, PEX quality can vary. You want to choose a company that uses the highest quality PEX that is not treated with chemicals, solvents, or glues. Poor quality PEX can leak toxic substances into your home’s water supply.

Certification in PEX is highly specialized. When you choose CJ Plumbing & Hydro Jetting, you can trust that our team has the extensive training and knowledge of when PEX is right for your home.

Water Pipe Evaluation

CJ Plumbing & Hydro Jetting will send you a PEX repiping specialists to evaluate your home’s water supply needs and determine which solution is best for you. Copper and PEX are two of the best materials for your plumbing system. However, one system doesn’t fit all.

We offer assessments tailored to your unique needs to come up with a cost effective and long lasting option. We have been performing whole home pipe replacement for 20 years. Our team will walk you through the process from start to finish and help you to make the most informed decision.

We perform all work safely with the proper containment, to uniform plumbing code with proper city permits, and offer extensive guarantees to ensure you are completely satisfied with our work.

We are committed to your happiness and providing the highest quality work. For your home evaluation, contact the experts at CJ Plumbing & Hydro Jetting. If you are interested in learning more about whole house PEX repiping in Hacienda Heights, call 626 404 6612 today.


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