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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

For tough blockages and recurring drain clogs, you need an expert to correctly diagnose the cause and solve the problem fast.

With 20 years of experience, our team can solve even the toughest drain clogs. We offer fast and efficient service with the best customer service in the industry.

Kitchen Drain Clogs

Grease, oils and fats, as well as food items in garbage disposals, are the most common causes of drain clogs in kitchen sinks.  

The best way to prevent foul odors in sinks and recurring drain blockages is by avoiding putting grease and food down the line. Even small amounts of residual grease from plates and cooking pans can stick to the insides of kitchen pipes slowly causing foul smells, and eventually clogs.

Professional snaking is the first step to clearing kitchen clogs. However, if they are full of heavy grease or sludge, our team can recommend a kitchen hydro jetter. Using high pressure water, it can dissolve years of buildup in the pipe restoring service and cleaning the pipe from fold odors and rotting organic materials.

Lavatory, Shower, and Tub Clogs

Soap, lotions, hair, and other products can lead to lavatory blockages. Simple sink maintenance can help to avoid clogs. Run hot water after brushing teeth and use small amounts of soap products. Homeowners can also ensure that grooming doesn’t cause blockages by shaving over a towel and brushing hair away from the sink.

Sometimes, items can fall into the sink causing a stoppage in the line. Toothpaste caps are the most common, but other items found on bathroom counters such as hair ties, bobby pins, and even priceless jewelry can get lost and stuck in the pipe.

If a priceless item has fallen into the sink, stop using water immediately. Our team can often retrieve items as long as they are still  in the trap. We can also ensure the proper pop-up assembly is installed to protect your drain from objects.

Showers and tubs also become clogged due to hair and oily bath products. Excessive buildup can cause pressure in the line and eventually lead to leaks or breaks. Ensure that hair is cleaned from shower drains after every shower and use a small mesh strainer to catch hair before it goes down the drain.


Toilet Clogs and Main Sewer Line Backups

Toilet clogs are common and happen due to a variety of reasons including putting non-flushable items in the toilet and older toilets. It is best to avoid using a plunger, as improper force or the wrong style of lunger can cause leaks in the toilet seal.

When the toilet  is clogged but other drains are not affected, a professional toilet auger will solve the problem. However, if the toilet is bubbling or showers and tubs are also backing up, it indicates a problem in the main sewer line.

If the main sewer line is problematic, it will require a professional sewer line snaking. The team at CJ Plumbing & Hydro Jetting use professional equipment to properly and safely clear main sewer lines of tough blockages. If we discover roots in the line, or it will not clear, we may need to perform a sewer camera inspection to accurately diagnose the cause.

For root intrusion and heavy scale buildup, hydro jetting is a cost effective solution. It is the most effective method of cleaning sewer lines, as long as they are intact and not missing sections or deteriorating from age.

When the sewer line is heavily damaged, our camera inspection can view the cause and help us to provide a permanent and cost effective solution for repair or replacement.

We have more than 20 years of experience in diagnosing and repairing even the toughest drain clogs in residential and commercial properties.

From minor to major drain cleaning, Hacienda Heights and surrounding area residents and business owners can trust the experts at CJ Plumbing & Hydro Jetting. To schedule an appointment, call 626 404 6612 today.


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