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Sewer Pipe Repairs & Replacements

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

For years, CJ Plumbing & Hydro Jetting has been the go-to experts for sewer line repair and replacement in Hacienda Heights and the surrounding areas. Our team has extensive training, knowledge and skill at diagnosing the cause of sewer line problems and providing the most cost effective solution.  

Common Sewer Problems

Aging sewer lines are the most susceptible to frequent backups, but problems can occur in just about any type of pipe aging or not.

Most underground sewer lines require repair or replacement due to breaks in the line or deterioration. Roots are the biggest cause of damaged sewer pipes. Roots sneak into the line through small seams or cracks creating further damage and frequent backups. When the line is intact or in good condition, hydro jetting is usually the least expensive solution.

Aging lines, especially clay and cast iron slowly deteriorate. Even though the materials are durable, they do have an end point.

Frequent use drains can also become clogged due to heavy use and poor maintenance. Poorly maintained lines develop hard scale, and sludge or grease buildup. This closes off the interior of the pipe and close off the flow of drains.

Sewer Line Repair

Most sewer repairs begin with a professional main line snaking. Snaking can help us to determine if camera inspections are necessary when there are larger problems such as roots or sludge. When this is the case, hydro jetting is an effective method of sewer lien repair to thoroughly clean the line and remove roots.

If camera inspections reveal a damaged pipe, holes and missing sections, often hydro jetting will not be the best solution. Our team of experts can recommend pipelining for aging and deteriorating pipes in most cases. By choosing pipelining, customers can rehabilitate the sewer pipe without digging and create a long lasting solution.

Sewer Line Replacement

If the sewer line is beyond repair, replacement is the last solution. However, there are different methods to replace a sewer line to fit the needs of each property and budget.

The traditional method of sewer line replacement in Hacienda Heights and the surrounding areas, is excavating the broken line, removing it and replacing it with brand new ABS pipe. For small breaks, this is the most cost effective repair.

If the broken line is under concrete, the entire line is damaged, or if you want to save expensive landscaping, then excavation will not be possible or will be costly.  

Our pipe bursting replacement option is the ideal solution. Pipe bursting replaces damaged sewer pipes without trenching and digging. With two access points, our team can install a brand new High Density Polyethylene pipe (HDPE) in place of the old without removal of the damaged line.

We are committed to providing residential and commercial customers cost effective and permanent sewer line repair and replacement options. With more than 20 years of experience, we have a solution to fit every property and every budget.

Whether no dig options like pipelining or pipe bursting are ideal for you, or you need a traditional sewer replacement, CJ Plumbing & Hydro Jetting has you covered.

For the best sewer line repair and replacement in Hacienda Heights and the surrounding areas, call 626 404 6612 today.


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