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Hydro Jetting

Though minor sewer line stoppages can often be eliminated with snaking, when serious roots and other debris have taken hold, you need heavy-duty technology. CJ Plumbing & Hydro Jetting in Hacienda Heights, specializes in hydro jetting services for residential and commercial customers.

Hydro jetting is the most effective option for thoroughly cleaning main sewer and kitchen drains. It can remove heavy scale, grease and sludge, severe roots, and restore the inside of the pipe to peak condition.

For frequent use drains and commercial buildings, we recommend scheduling hydro jetting semi annually to maintain drains and help you avoid emergencies.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a method of sewer and kitchen drain repair. It uses high pressure streams of water from a jetting hose. Using between 1,500 and 4,000 PSI and specialty nozzles, hydro jetting can descale the interior of pipes cleaning them of years of buildup.

The hydro jetting nozzle is highly specialized and works by directing the flow of high pressure water throughout the interior of the pipe’s walls. Hydro jetting scours, dissolves, and even removes heavy root intrusion.

Kitchen Hydro Jetting Solutions

Hydro Jetting is a good option for residential and commercial kitchen lines when they become clogged due to grease. Even with the greatest care, grease gets into the drain sticking to the inside of kitchen pipes, especially in commercial kitchens and multi-family residences.

Grease build up slowly reduces the flow of water leading to clogs. It is also the cause of foul odors coming from the drain.

A hydro jetter service dissolves years of heavy grease build restoring and cleaning drains.

CJ Plumbing & Hydro Jetting Solutions – Hacienda Heights

The first step to our hydro jetting process is diagnosis. When you call for slow or recurring drain clogs, we will assess the situation and determine if a routine snaking is the best option. Often, this is the first step, unless we see roots growing up through the toilet.

If drain snaking does not solve the problem, we discover roots, or encounter a hard blockage in the line, we will recommend a sewer camera inspection.

Sewer camera inspections will view the condition of the sewer to ensure there are no cracks, holes or missing sections. If the pipe is intact, but heavily clogged, hydro jetting is a cost effective solution. Hydro jetting can be performed quickly to restore your services fast.

Hydro Jetting Maintenance

When roots are the problem, or for heavy use commercial drains, hydro jetting should be scheduled on a semi annual basis. Roots naturally grow towards moisture and nutrients found in main sewer lines. The only permanent way to guard against roots is to line the pipe and remove the trees. However, hydro jetting provides a long lasting solution at a cost to fit any budget.

Preventative maintenance will help you to avoid emergencies in the middle of the night and we will take care of scheduling so you never need to worry.

If you suspect your kitchen or main sewer drain lines are in need of hydro jetting services in Hacienda Heights or the surrounding areas, residents and businesses call 626 404 6612 today.

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